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THEPartnership: Who We Are

THEPartnership is a collection of global destination management companies in thirty plus of the world’s most alluring and tempting destinations with extensive expertise in meetings and conventions, corporate event planning and motivational travel programs. The concept of destination management companies working together is not new, although for most such groups success is simply measured on how big it is. But that defies the very nature of destination management, where the strength of the company is intrinsically linked to the unique personality of its people. What’s critical is not how many companies are in the group, but a uniformity of core values: a lust to provide the best value blended with innovation and creativity, where customer satisfaction is paramount no matter what it takes, where service levels, from proposal through delivery to final billing, are both consistent and unsurpassed.

Why Choose Us?

THEPartnership stands apart because it embraces the partners' individual strengths with great care, providing the means for each company to showcase its unique qualities in the North American marketplace and build personal and lasting relationships with its customers. For THEPartnership small will always be beautiful because the special bond that exists between us, meaningful personal relationships built slowly over time, means that we genuinely care and we’ll never lose sight of the most important partner of all – you, our customer.

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The Old Mill, Toronto
Wednesday December 02, 4:30PM

At The Old Mill on Wednesday December 02 at 4:30PM, Hello Canada! is neither a trade show nor a seminar and there are no PowerPoint presentations. Hello Canada! is an evening with industry friends in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying the interactive Jeopardy-style event hosted by Steve Anthony of Toronto Breakfast TV fame. It’s designed to be both informative and fun with lots of opportunities to win some valuable prizes. Prior to the game-show there will be time to enjoy good food and drink and network with our destination business solutions’ partners from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Russia, Croatia and Turkey. It's unique in Canada -- don't miss it, join us for an altogether fabulous evening! #HelloCanada15
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4 days ago  ·  

So much is new in the world's most alluring destinations on THEPartnership booth 2427 at IMEX America. Croatia, UK+Ireland, Spain, Dubai, Greece, Turkey and Russia all together on booth 2427. No appointment, no worries be sure to stop by, we’ll be delighted to see you! Follow us on Twitter for all the latest news: @partnership_dmc. ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago  ·  

Check out what is happening in Istanbul! ... See MoreSee Less

This restored 19th-century palace in Istanbul’s coolest district is the talk of the town

4 months ago  ·  

Don't you want to go where everyone is saying you must? Get there now before it is too late! Stunning country can't wait to see it again in July! ... See MoreSee Less

CN Traveller ❤️ summer in Turkey! To read more on Turkish Aegean as a destination:

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